How detect version 32bit / 64bit of client

Good morning,
actually I have a project in 7.9.16 that I want migrate to V.8 .
I have more of 115 clients, and I want to know if all client are 64bit or not. (I don’t have direct access to all clients…)

There is a way to read on application the version of OS 32bit/64bit ?
If exist I think to log this value into a table for have a map of version actually on my parc.


Try running a script like this:

from java.lang import System

print System.getProperty("os.arch")

I think 32-bit systems will print “x86”.

Your solution work fine!


You can also use system.util.getProperty to save the import. It’s the exact same mechanism, so it’s not like the answer will be different, but it is a one-liner.

For me solution proposed from @Kevin.Herron and from @PGriffith show arch of java used on client, but not of OS client.

Are these all Windows systems? You could try reading some environment variables (System.getenv, after the same import Kevin had above):

If you are on windows, you can also check for the existence of the Program Files (x86) folder

if system.file.fileExists("C:\\Program Files (x86)"):
	print "64 bit"
	print "32 bit"