How do I add the WebDev module to my Ignition instance?


Trying to figure out how to add the WebDev module to my Ignition 8.1.20 instance running on Ubuntu Linux.


In the gateway webpage, if you navigate to Config > System > Modules than it will provide a page to upload the module.

You can also download the module at [Current Ignition Release | Inductive Automation] if you scroll down until you see WebDev.

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Thank you, @kgamble. It wasn’t visible within the GW instance under Modules, but I was able to get it there by downloading from the IA page. The next hurdle is that it’s throwing an HTTP 402 error (basically a paywall) on the Webdev REST API call from Postman:
HTTP ERROR 402 Payment Required
URI: /system/webdev

Any idea how I can test out the API before purchasing?

If you’re getting a 402 it’s because your trial is expired. Reset it, you should be able to continue testing.