How do I change the colour of the Barcode component code?

I have a QR code in Perspective but I can’t figure out how to change the colour of the code itself from the default black. I’ve tried all of the different colour styles in each of the 3 style props (valueStyle, errorStyle, and plain old style). I’ve looked at the component in the dev tools and I can’t see in there where the black colour is being applied either :confused:

The only thing i’ve found to work is using a CSS invert filter

The barcodes are drawn directly to an HTML <canvas> element via bwip-js - npm ; it looks like there are styling properties, but we’re not exposing them. You wouldn’t be able to style it via CSS since it’s in a canvas, either.

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you can use invert + sepia + hue-rotate to change it to any color tho its quite hard to find the correct values to get a nice color xd

might want to check out this codepen with sliders on all the filter props just upload a black image and fiddle around