How do I compress the height of the items in a dropdown list in perspective?

I have a dropdown list that requires scrolling down the page to get to last item. I would like to compress the vertical spacing, so I created a style with margin set to 0 and padding set to 0. There was no improvement. Is there another property that controls the height of each item in a dropdown list?


Margin and Padding, along with text size, will tighten up the spacing in the drop down options. The key is to put these style classes under dropdownOptionStyle not the general Style class.


Thank you so much! I tried this on a dropdown list and it worked fine!

I mistakenly thought the component that I was trying to modify was a dropdown list.
It is a horizontal menu with multiple items. Where should I add the margin
and padding in this case?

Currently, I have each item set to the style with zero margin / zero padding.

I believe you will put it under the style class located under each entry of the items prop.


Oh, you’ve already done that?

Looks like you can use the itemStyle Class to apply a style class to all the items without an entry on each item individually. The individual item style class would be for customizing just one item I guess.

Either way, it seems to work for me on condensing the items.