How do I connect Endress+Hauser Liquiline CM-448 controllers with Profinet output to Ignition?

We are in the process of installing multiple Endress+Hauser Liquiline CM-448 controllers with Profinet output to monitor tank solution concentration, conductivity, and temperature. Is there a driver that can be set up in Ignition to support Profinet output?

No, you'll need to see if this vendor offers an OPC server, or if another 3rd party like Kepware might have support for these controllers.

Their manual suggests it can support Modbus over RS485 if you have the right module.

7.3.3 Modbus
With the fieldbus module 485 and the appropriate device version, you can communicate
via Modbus RS485.
You use the BASE2 module for Modbus TCP.
The RTU and ASCII protocols are available when connecting via Modbus RS485. You can
switch to ASCII on the device.
‣ Connect the Modbus data cable to the terminals of the fieldbus module (RS 485) or to
the RJ45 socket of the BASE2 module as described.
For detailed information on "Modbus communication", see the product pages on the
Internet (→ SD01189C).

Thanks for the responses. Yes, E=H offer Modbus TCP or Profinet installations. We had one installed with Modbus TCP and it communicated fine with Ignition. These new controllers were purchased as part of a larger project for bulk tank storage with auto chemical additions. Based on the electrical equipment being installed to support that project it was decided to order the new controllers with Profinet output instead of Modbus TCP. We did not realize till last week that a driver for Profinet was not an option in Ignition.

Profinet support is not common in PCs. I think you need some kind of PCI-express add-in card to even get onto the network. It's much more common as a device-to-device fieldbus.

Probably best to pass it into a PLC than Ignition