How do I create multi-line label

I tried the horizontal adjustment and text position, which doesn't seem help. I've tried the newline character \n but can't seem to make it work.

Start your text with: “”. Then the line will wrap to multiple lines automatically.

Awesome, works perfectly, thx.

This doesn't seem to work in version 7.9. I'm using
My first line of text
My second line of text

However, I cannot find a way to right justify BOTH lines in this manner. I've tried all combinations of Horizontal Alignment and Horizontal Text Position (using "Right", "Left", "Leading", and "Trailing").

I finally decided to create 2 labels that I can right-align and group together.

Is there a way to do it without creating 2 (or more) labels when right-aligning multiple lines of text?


Make your label look something like this
<html><p align="right">First Line<br>Second Line

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