How do I Direct Launch a client - Missing Link

My goal is to be able to send a link to individuals in our factory that will launch a client for them. I do not want to have IT install the Client Launcher on every machine. I follow the tutorial and it tells me that I need to follow this path:

  1. Log on to Gateway
  2. Go to Config
  3. Select Projects
  4. Under the project, Select More
  5. Select Details
    The links should be listed there but I have nothing.


What version of Ignition are you using? Web launch was removed in newer versions. If I recall correctly due to it requiring older versions of Java.

Using version 8.0.4
If it has been removed, is there another way to make this happen?

No. Java webstart was removed from Java version 11, which Ignition 8 requires. Staying on Java 8 wasn’t an option, since it’s already past/approaching the end of its support lifespan, depending on exactly which timeline you’re looking at.

Installing the client launchers is the path forward. There’s already some features in the launchers to make them easier for Windows admins to mass-install on all machines, with more coming in future versions.


New projects could start using Perspective, which is entirely web-based and would work naturally just by sending someone a link.

Vision projects must be launched with the launchers now.