How do I display the most recent data in Time Series Chart?

When I choose 24 hours of data, I can’t see the most recent hour or so of data that is there.

But if I choose to display only 1 hour of data, the most recent data up to the current hour is displayed.

Does anyone know why that would be?

I have the same issue. Interested in a solution.

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It appears this is a bigger issue when I decrease “Point Count” on the chart (my hack to smooth the chart so it looks nice)…if I increase the point count to something like 600 it shows up to date data. But then my chart looks really bad.
Is there a way to have a low point count but have that last “point” be the latest data so that the chart is real-time?

You could append to the bottom of your set you return with a transform. That’s what I do when I query an actual database. Have you tried preventing interpolation or vice versa. I tend to use as stored in when I use the historian.

To positively get the most recent data returned. You’ll have to use the historical time range. With an end date expression of now() and construct and parametrize your start date.

I’m not sure how to append to the bottom of my set with a transform. I will try and look into that.

But I have used AsStored - the problem there is then my graph looks horrible (I am going for a nice smooth look). But it does allow me to see up to date data.

And I have used historical with dateArithmetic(now(0), -24, 'hour') and now() but that has the same issue as before.