How do I do signal enveloping of a timeseries?

Imagine a Force-time curve for a reciprocating piston. This curve will differ based on the loading on the piston, and over time a lot of other mechanical variations.

I would like to make an envelope for the force-time curve of lets say N(Lets say 1000) timeseries, and then anything that's outside this range, should be marked as an outlier by Ignition. Envelope is defined here: Signal envelope - MATLAB envelope

No equivalent out of the box. You might want to investigate the JScience jars as a possibility.

Oh, unfortunate.
Seems like a very prolific application. Would have been nice to have this as an in-built capability.

Maybe I'm coming in as somewhat of a newbie, but I have never integrated JScience or any Jars into Ignition. Do you think that there would be a pathway there?

Ignition isn't a high-speed data acquisition system. Is the data coming from elsewhere?

Data is coming from SQL.

Also worth saying - low sampling frequency data can also have requirements like this one where an envelope qualifies the cycle.

To use arbitrary java jars, the simplest approach is to drop them into the appropriate folder under lib/core and restart your gateway. Then you can import classes from those jars into your jython scripts.

If you need a simple install procedure, you would wrap the jars in a third-party module. Then expose selected classes or wrapper functions in a system.something scripting function namespace.