How do I download the designer?

I am trying to set up a second computer with the ignition designer, but I cannot figure out how to install it. According to the tutorials online, there is supposed to be a download button on the home page of the gateway, but I do not have that. When I click the launch designer button, nothing happens, because I don’t have the designer installed.

I can’t find any downloads of just the designer available on the website either, or any information online. What do I do?

Thank you for your help…

That Launch Designer button (in 7.9.X, the Ignition version you’re on) attempts to download a Java Webstart file (.JNLP) to your computer. If your web browser has already set up a default for JNLP files, it might be directly opening; or, an overzealous IT department or antivirus might be intercepting the JNLP entirely.

If you want to bypass the headache that is a JNLP, expand the ‘Native Client Launchers’ panel on the homepage and download the client launcher for your operating system. This is a single executable that’s compatible with all 7.9 and prior versions of Ignition; it simply “bootstraps” the actual Vision client or designer using files downloaded from whatever gateway you select in the launcher configuration.

This isn’t relevant to you, at least based on your screenshot, but for anyone who might visit this in the future:
All of this is revamped in 8.0 and newer versions; there are two separate Vision Client Launcher/Designer Launcher applications which are not self-contained executables, but actual installed programs on your local machine. These still ‘bootstrap’ the client/designer launch process using files downloaded from the gateway, but aren’t compatible with gateways running earlier versions of Ignition due to breaking changes made in the major version bump from 7 -> 8.

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Thank you so much, this was very helpful!

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