How do I filter out bad quality data on 8.1 tag history binding

Ignition 8.0 perspective had a checkbox to filter bad quality data on tag history bindings

Ignition 8.1 does not have this checkbox on its tag history bindings.

How do I filter out bad quality data on this kind of binding now?

Is there an undocumented property I can use for Dynamic Tag paths (bottom of document) to implement this functionality?

The application where I’m trying to do this is using a dynamic tag path to change the tag bindings based on properties passed into the view so I’d be perfectly happy to add a property to the key array to implement this functionality if there is a property I can use for that.

system.tag.queryTagHistory also has it’s parameter to filter bad quality data removed so I guess I can’t even do a script transform to pull in the data.

I have a call in with support but I thought maybe someone knows the answer to this to save me some time.

Support confirmed this feature was inadvertently patched out and it will come back in a coming release.

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I’m on v8.1.16 and it is available to me under advanced. What version are you on?

It’s a bug. The binding in Perspective should have this option, but doesn’t. As a workaround, it’s possible to set it directly in the JSON structure of the view, and the value should be preserved (but not visible in the UI anywhere).

To confirm: ignoreBadQuality is still an option in system.tag.queryTagHistory, and queryTagCalculations, and exposed as an option everywhere else you can query tag history; it’s just missing from Perspective’s UI.


Ah, I didn’t see the perspective tag.

I do that all the time :slight_smile: