How do I get my alarm to show my custom message in my email

I have 2 alarms set up a high limit alarm and a no flow alarm. The high limit alarm activates when the setpoint reaches over 200 and the no flow alarm activates when the setpoint reaches 0 i have created a custom message in the alarms to show the timestamp, name of the alarm and the active state. However, it is not taking my custom message it is using the message in the alarm pipeline. I have tried erasing the custom message in the pipeline to see if my alarm custom message would take priority, but it has not it just shows a blank


Have you tried formatting it like this: {Timestamp} + {name} + "transitioned to " + {State}?


Unfortunately your expression is missing quotes around the "Transitioned to". The expression is failing to compile and reverting to the static one in the pipeline. In your gateway logs you will also see an error like this below. Wrapping the static text into quotes should resolve the issue

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