How do I interface with device properties setting?

you can supply the device add function these keys when adding… but how would someone query them and edit them after the fact? I don’t see them in config.idb :confused: is there a way?

They are in their own tables, specific to each device type. There is no supported way to edit these programmatically. Except for hostname, IIRC.

do you think there is any harming in editing the db say if i wanted to set span gaps or zerobased?
during commissioning? would it harm the device connection or driver? I am making a device adding tool

If you want the unsupported methods;

I’m not sure if this module still exists or will do what you want, I came across it while searching for the above link;

Sorry, that top link isn’t the right one, but might give some more context. Trying to find the link I found a minute ago :blush:

Edit; actually it is the right link, I just thought nminchin was the OP, I know he was working on similar.

Time for a coffee.

		session = IgnitionGateway.get().getPersistenceInterface().getSession()
			session.rawUpdateDB("UPDATE DEVICESETTINGS SET Description = '" + deviceDesc + "' WHERE NAME = '" + newdeviceName +"'", []) # sql, flush, params

something like this works well for me… I assume it is fine to edit the device properties table as well… ill give it a go anyways

Read the full thread and heed the warnings. It isn’t a supported method, for a reason.

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