How do I kill a client session?

On our single user demo system, I have an orphaned client that refused to go away.

Our demo system lives in a DMZ so we can access it from the outside world. I was preparing for a demo when I entered an incorrect password. (I had been logging in and out with no problem until then) I got the incorrect user/password notice. I entered the correct password. I was told that a client was already running and was blocked from running the application.

Now I can’t get rid of the “running” client. Because I am connected through a firewall the gateway shows the client connected from the firewalls IP.

I have tried restarting the gateway to no avail.

We do something like this for our admin account in case we forget to logout.

if "Administrator" in and system.util.getInactivitySeconds() > 900 and not elif "Administrator" in and system.util.getInactivitySeconds() > 3600:

You could link this to a button action and substitute for hostnames,ip’s, or clientid’s, and customize to your needs.

The sessions are “remembered” across restarts of the Gateway b/c they are serialized in a file called “.sessions”. You could remove that file when the gateway is shut down and then start it back up.

We had a function for a while where if you were authenticated in the gateway web interface there was a “kill session” link next to each session in the Status section. I removed it b/c I thought it was silly b/c the active clients simply re-established their sessions transparently. I’ll add it back in b/c it would be useful to remove orphaned sessions.