How do I launch the Designer in "Developer's Mode"/apply key

I am trying to build some projects via Ant, so I can work on a module or two. Everything is building fine but the ant script hangs up here:
C:\development\IgnitionSDK_Workspace\AbstractTagDriverExample\Build\build.xml:80: localhost:8088/main/system/Devel … ingServlet

I am fairly sure it is because I am not running in “Developer’s Mode”. I have a key, I just do not know how to “apply it”. I have searched all the docs but can’t find out how to apply the key or launch the Gateway in “Developer’s Mode”.

How do I?

Also, are there more docs than just the User’s Manual and Dev Manual regarding this mode?


If your CD key has a “developer=true” attribute and you’ve licensed your gateway with that key then it should be in Developer Mode.

Kevin, thanks for the quick reply.

I received a Developer’s Key from Myron Hoertling early last week. We have had our CD Key probably a year at this point.

I “refreshed” the Licensing on the Gateway and I do not see anything like “Developer=True” on the list.

Does this mean I have to obtain a new license (.ipl file)?

Also, we have a “Production Gateway” from which we run our clients and demos while Developers run/develop on variations of the deployed projects locally.
This means developers have trial versions and have to reset.
I was hoping to develop on one of these “trial” Gateways. Is it possible to run in “Developer Mode” like this, without a license (I assume no).

Email support @ and let us know what key you’re using. I see one assigned to your account that does have developer=true on it.

Okay, Kevin did so.

Is this the forum for posting “Developer”, as in SDK Developer questions?

No, there’s a “Ignition Module Developers” forum: viewforum.php?f=74