How do I link an EasyChart start/end to a StatusChart

We want to have an EasyChart and a StatusChart on the same window.

We know each chart object has a Start and End in the query of the database.

Can someone show me how to link the StatusChart to the EasyChart?

We are looking at a production rate with the EasyChart and trying to drill into the StatusChart to see what the cause was.

May not be the best way, but that’s what the project manager wants.

Also, is there anyway to guarantee alignment of the start and end portions of the charts, not the objects, the charts.

The Easy Chart is Above the Status Chart. This way they can be time aligned.

Thanks for any help.


OK, I got the Status Chart Start and End linked to the Easy Chart Start and End.

That was pretty easy. No scripting required.

Is there a way that I can force alignment of the charts? Their layouts are somewhat different with margin before and after, etc.



There isn’t a good way to force the alignment between two different types of charts. Your best bet is to line them up and set the layout to anchored. You could also remove the pen control to make the easy chart take up more of the component space.

If you could expose the locations of the corners of actual charts, by scripting you could adjust size and location of the other chart, making things line up.

Any possibility of that?



You already have all that, try something like:

x = componenet.getX() y = componenet.getY() w = componenet.getHeight() h = componenet.getWidth() system.gui.reshapeComponent(component, x, y, w, h)

So this will give me the coordinates of the graph portion of the various chart components, EasyChart and Chart?



No, this will only give you the coordinates of a component.