How do I link to a project in HTML or Windows Shortcut?

I want to post a link on my corporate web site that goes directly to a FactoryPMI project. Where can I find the link? How would I do this with an applet? What about the designer?

IP: IP address, default localhost
PORT: port, default=8080
PROJECT = Project name

Java Web Start link - this can be linked from a web page. You can also create a windows shortcut to open this directly.


Full Screen link - this can be linked from a web page. You can also create a windows shortcut to open this directly.


Applet - look at the HTML source if you need to integrate it in an existing web site.


FactoryPMI Designer


Direct links (can be Windows shortcuts) often work better than the Java Web Start icons that Windows gives you when you first run. This is because those icons point to a cached copy in your temp directory instead of the actual project. Either way, you’ll get the benefit of the client checking for new versions every time you run the program.

I was having trouble with this until I noticed that I had two different types of shortcuts launching projects.

The properties for one type has tabs labeled General, Web Document, and Security. The Web Document tab has a field to enter an URL, and the addresses that Nathan gives work there.

The properties for the other type include tabs for General, Shortcut, Compatibility, and Security. The Shortcut tab includes a field for Target, but these addresses don’t seem to work here. What does work here is a path to the cached project.

I am used to seeing and using the second type. I don’t know how to create the first type (although I can copy existing ones as needed). Does anyone know more about this distinction?

The first one is a windows internet shortcut (created manually to you pointing at the URL to the JNLP on the FactoryPMI Gateway).

The second is a windows file shortcut (created automatically by Java Web Start when you first launched the application and chose “yes” to “Do you want to create shortcuts on your desktop and start menu”

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Is there a way to do this with Ignition?
I’d like to launch a specific project directly from the Company Intranet Web Page (HTML).
I’ve tried in all the above ways but I always got the Gateway Main Page, not the project.

Answer to myself:

I’ve found it working using links like these:

Any comment is welcome anyway.

Yep, sounds like you got it.