How do I maintain selection in Vision List components

New to Ignition so this is probably simple. I have a Vision window with 6 List components on it with each list having 3 options/choices. When I leave this window and come back to it, all 6 of the lists have the uppermost item selected rather than where they were left. I want whatever was selected to stay selected on screen changes or when closing and reopening the project. Should I be using a different type of component?

These are two different requirements.

To retain state across window open/close, you would create Vision Client tags to hold the selections, and bidirectionally bind the lists to the client tags.

To retain state across project open/close, you would need gateway tags instead of client tags. But note that this means all clients will always have the same selections--gateway tags are system-global.

If the selections need to be client specific and need to persist through a project shutdown and restart, store the information in a database table on close or deactivation, so the information can be retrieved and set when the window is reopened.