How do I make a label's font larger than size 100?

I feel like this is probably a very simple thing, but I can’t figure it out. We are designing a simple screen with 4 numbers that need to take up almost the entire size of the Window but appears I’m limited to size=100.

This was supposed to have been fixed for 7.6.4, but I just tried it in the 7.6.6 beta and I see it’s crept back in. I’ll file a new bug ticket.

Looks like if I type it in manually without using the drop-down in the Font Property, it will allow me to go above 100. I’m running 7.6.4 and not sure if this happened on 7.5.x before we upgraded.

Guess I answered my own question. Sorry guys.

This is correct, the spinner doesn’t allow sizes >100, but typing the size in directly works (that’s what was fixed in 7.6.4)