How do I pass parameter to a chart (in a pop up) on ignition?

I am having trouble binding the following^^

Going to need more information. Where are you trying to make this binding?

Hi Sorry about that. Upon opening my pop up, I want to be able to pass a certain parameter to the chart (current value, past value of a selected setpoint) (ofcourse this would be different based on different tag values). Does this make sense?

Sure, that says what you want to accomplish, but not how you're trying to accomplish it or what is giving you issues.

Have you looked at this:

Hi Thank you for that feedback:

So I already have a pop window where its accepting parameters from the main window. So right now its passing PV,SP,CV values from the main window to pop up window based on the tags I am clicking on on the main window - just like the docs you attached. What I CANT do now is pass a parameter to a chart - to show the visualization of current and past setpoints. When I drag an existing tag to a chart and try to bind with a parameter it is not working. I don't even see an option to do it on the property editor.

I don't understand what you're attempting here. Are you trying to indirectly bind tags to the chart? What chart component are you using?

II am trying to bind a tag to the chart. To make it look/work like this. I am not sure how I would achieve this in V8.1

As you have found, you can not "Bind" a tag to the chart. (Either Easy Chart or Standard Chart).

Instead you have to add a row to the tagPens() Dataset on the easy chart, or you have to manual construct the dataset for the standard chart. This can be accomplished from a property change script on you custom properties. You should be sending the tagPaths to the popup to be processed there.