How do I read logs.bin?

If I unzip logs.bin.gz, how do I read what’s left? I dumped the file into a text editor, and there is human-readable text interspersed with other characters.

You don’t :slight_smile: It’s a binary format.

The text version of the logs can be found in the wrapper.log files.

Will the wrapper.log file contain logs from when the Gateway was first installed and started? My wrapper log file only shows me 7 days back…? I’m trying to use this as proof as to when certain days that the HMI Gateway was not powered on, therefore not recording data.

What are the logs.bin.gz files used for? What good do they do?

You can use the Windows Event viewer to record when the Ignition Gateway service started.

Is there a more accurate way than the event viewer? It’s seems as if it doesn’t catch everytime the Gateway service starts…? I have a customer that is missing hours and days of data and I need a way to proof : 1st-that the system was powered on, 2nd-HMI was running. And if those 2 are true then I need to figure out what happened. I emailed support I just need a ticket# so I can submit the logs.bin and the wrapper log files. Thanks


This is a rather old thread, I hope you were able to contact tech support and get your issue resolved. Let me know if you need further assistance.