How do I rearrange the Y axis scales on the Timeseries Chart

I'm working on a report with a Timeseries Chart that has 4 Y-Axis scales: Temperature, Humidity, and 2 Flow rate scales. The client requested that the Temperature axis be the axis directly along the left edge of the chart (and the lines across the chart per this axis). The cart is being drawn with the Axis ordered: Humidity, Temperature, Flow (SCFM), Flow (gr/min) and there is no apparent way to rearrange the axes in the properties. I tried deleting and recreating the Temperature axis so it is the last in the list, but it is still being drawn second just like before. Do I need to write some kind of scripting to make the Timeseries Chart drawn the axes in a particular order?
2024-04-25 16_59_07-Window

Doh, The axis order is based on the order the pens are defined and not the order the axes are defined