How do I restrict/permit the creation of users?

I am using the default internal user source and have several roles defined. I only want Administrators and Supervisors to be allowed to create users. I have the User Management object in the client and I have the tickbox in the Gateway Settings page for “Allow User Admin” set.

Hi Okie,

If you want a user to be able to administer himself (like change his own password), then try putting something like this in the Mode property:

if(hasRole('Administrators') || hasRole('Supervisors'),
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Excellent, thank you! I struggled a little bit until I realized, I had the expression with the roles in plural (as in my post and your reply which I copied and pasted) but in “real life” it’s “Administrator” and “Supervisor” with no “s” on the end of each.

I appreciate the prompt reply and good advice.

Now I will apply the same technique to the schedule and roster management objects.

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