How do i take backup when my service is not running

How do i take backup of Ignition and Mysql when my both service is not running (unable to start services).

Could you tell me the backup path of both Ignition and Mysql and how to take it?

For Ignition, all you really need is the contents of “{InstallDir}\data\db” (furthermore, you just need the “settings*” files, the autobackup folder isn’t necessary). You may also want the modules under “user-lib/modules”, but for versioning reason, it’s probably just better to keep a list of modules that were installed, and go get the latest when you need to restore.

To restore, you can just replace the db folder of a new installation while the service is stopped. Replacing the db folder with something made in an older version isn’t a problem, but I wouldn’t go the other way (and put a 7.6 db in 7.5, for example).

As for mysql, you’ll probably want to read around a bit, but in general, the data is all stored in the data directory specified by the config file. This defaults to different things depending on how mysql was installed, but I think that if you grab that, you should have everything you need (but again, you’ll want to read around and make sure that’s true).


Thanks for giving me the reply in detail.