How do tags handle multiple of the same alarm over a short period of time?

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I'm working on setting some tag alarms but as the title of this post suggests I have an oddly specific question about alarms on tags. In an instance where I have say 10 of the same alarm coming into the same tag in a very short time frame (ie: before it can deal with anyone of the alarm triggers/pipelines), what is the structure/design (if there is a structure at all) that the tag uses to deal with this?

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You might be able to make use of the 'Active Delay' and 'Clear Delay' settings of the alarm. You can set it where either the alarm condition has to be on for a set time or the alarm condition has to be off for a set period of time before the alarm is allowed to be triggered again.

The manual has more information. Scroll down to Deadband and Time Delays (~1/2 way down)

I assume these are Boolean tags? If they're analogs, you could also set a deadband in the alarm, which stops it from alarming again until it passes back below (or above) a certain threshold.

If you have flexibility with a PLC that's generating the alarm, you may also consider having the PLC "latch" the alarm on until it's manually cleared. (You'd want to pair this with a prominent indication on screen to ensure it's not forgotten.)