How do you add an OPC array larger than 100 tags?


How do you add and OPC array that is larger than 100 tags? In my PLC the array is from 0-300 but ignition only adds or sees 0-99.

What driver are you using and what datatype is the array?

Does it happen to be the Logix driver with a bool array?

It is a Logix driver but it’s a DINT array…

Hmm, well there isn’t a known issue then.

The only gotcha is that boolean arrays will show up as an array of DINTS, and each DINT will have 32 boolean tags underneath it you can subscribe to.

is there a limit of how big the DINT can be? is that maybe the issue?

Well there shouldn’t be…

Apparently, it had to do with ignition not rebrowsing the PLC for changes made. So after going to device config and just saving again it rebrowsed and all the tags were found again.

Did you have automatic rebrowse disabled or did it just not pick up the change?

What firmware version is this?

No that was on… My changes did not go over the threshold and that’s why the rebrowse didn’t happen…

What threshold is that?

According to the support guy it’s some value that ignition makes itself according to the amount of tags already made/ in the PLC. If the added value of tags does not exceed this threshold value ignition does not browse automatically…

Which does suck because there is no way of knowing that value… you’d think the refresh tags button would do this but I guess not.