How do you change so if a poll fails ignition does not write a value of 0?

Is there somewhere that we can change that if a poll fails it does not populate a zero in ignition? Have it either do nothing on failed poll or even use last value? We are using ignition 8.0.7 and perspective mainly.

Can you go into more details about what driver you’re using and where you’re seeing a 0? That’s not the behavior for any of our drivers.

All of our tags are udt’s getting information from a opc client. We use autosol to poll the emerson devices in then through opc to get the values to ignition. When we have to shut down a comm channel and ignition tries to poll it seems to write a zero value in can see it in the trends especially:

Not sure if the screen shot loads but that is a battery voltage trend and everytime we lost comms it populates a zero.