How do YOU handle a large number of trend tags for selection?

I’m working on a project and the customer wants me to make 2-3 process variables from 100+ devices available for trending so they can pick and choose/compare values. The issue I have is trying to figure out how to organize and present that to them in an organized manner. The devices will likely be broken up by zone or field. I’d hate to make some kind of massive drop down box and right now I’m leaning toward a large screen of check boxes that will allow them to pick what tags they would like to see with some type of limit.

So, I ask, has anyone out there been presented with a similar request and, if so, how would you recommend presenting so many tags to a customer on screen?

Thanks for any input.

We actually build a dataset tag on each gateway that takes the Tooltip field from the trend tags and builds a dataset of the tag path and the tooltip. We then use a Treeview control to display that dataset tag and allow the users to select tags from the tree view for trending and data exports.

This allows us to utilize the tool tip field to have meaningful tag names presented to the end users.

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Yes, TreeView for the win!

I considered a Treeview, and using that method I might be able to make something a bit more organized than what I started with. That’s a good idea.

Can you elaborate a little on this? How are you getting the tooltip and tag path into the dataset tag? Scripting? Expression tag?

I can’t post the actual code since I don’t own it but its basically
Select from sqlth_te where retired is null for the paths, form up a system.tag.readAll appending .Tooltip to each path, then merge the two datasets together filling in the fields for the treeview.

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Thanks! I’m going to see where I can go with this! Really appreciate it!