How do you import or export an OPC-UA device in version 7.6

The device configuartion page no longer has the three choices of add, import or export devices but only has create a new device.

Unfortunately there’s no device import/export right now.

Now that devices are just another extension point (like DB connections, OPC servers, notification profiles, etc…) we’ve got a plan to make a generalized import/export mechanism for all extension points.

But… we need to work on bug fixes and general stability before we can implement this. Hopefully we can get to it soon.

Any update on how to copy a device.

No progress on this, however thanks to your reminder there’s now actually a ticket for it assigned to the 7.7 milestone… which increases its chances of getting done by roughly infinity.

Are there news about this feature?

Thank you very much


The thing that will allow device import/export is generalized support in the Ignition platform for XML import/export of any of Ignition’s extension point or record settings style pages. Unfortunately this functionality keeps getting pushed back to further milestones by higher priority items. At this point I can’t really estimate when it will be implemented.

Can this feature be restore to the product?


Kevin, is there an update to this? It’s been 2+ years since the last update on being able to import/export OPC device connections. I’m needing to set up 250 PLC connections and this would really be useful. Even if it’s not part of the gateway web page but rather a backdoor method, I would really like to be able to import these connections or modify an xml file or the like.


The backdoor method would be to write a script in Ignition that used system.device.addDevice to configure and add each device.


Kevin, thank you for the reminder of that scripting function. I no remember why I didn’t use it. There is a part of it that I can not seem to find in the manual since the old function is now deprecated. Here is my script:

driver = event.source.parent.getComponent('driver').selectedStringValue
deviceName = event.source.parent.getComponent('deviceName').text
HostName = event.source.parent.getComponent('hostname').text
connectionPath = event.source.parent.getComponent('connectionPath').text
enabled = "true"
slotNumber = event.source.parent.getComponent('slotNumber').intValue
deviceProps = {}
deviceProps["HostName"] = HostName
deviceProps["connectionPath"] = connectionPath

system.device.addDevice(deviceName=deviceName, deviceType=driver, deviceProps=deviceProps)

Now, my issue, I can not seem to set the connectionPath for the new device this way. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

If it’s a legacy logic driver you’re configuring, the key is “Path”, if it’s the newer one the key is “ConnectionPath”.

All of the keys are case-sensitive.


It would be great to see what all of the “Keyword Arguments” are for addDevice for each driver. In the manual, it says to check the “OPC-UA and Device Connections” section of the manual, but I must be blind.

*bump please…

We agree. I can’t promise a timeline on this, but we’ll get all of the keys for our various drivers documented.

In the interest of posterity, the keys for the deviceProp parameter can be found on the deviceProps Listing page