How does Gateway update a PLC tag name change automatically?

Dear Experts,

I mapped the PLC tags into the Ignition. Then I changed the name to one tag. However the Ignition still shows the old name of the tag.

How to make the Ignition update the tag names? Is there a setting to make the update automatically?


There is no mechanism that I am aware of that will update OPC item paths automatically. You'll have to do it by hand, or write a script which does it for you, but that would also need to be triggered manually.

I had similar issues, after I changed the UDT in PLC, Ignition tags does not update with added new members to the UDT, it kept the old UDT. It was so annoying; I could not find a way to update it. Tried refreshing, shutdown connection, restart communication module, none of it works; I end up delete the device connection on ignition, then created new device with same name. All PLC device tags are updated after created the new device.
If you find other way to update it, please update this topic.

What kind of PLC do you use?
Why do you need to map PLC tags?
I used AB PLC, when connect the PLC as a device, all tags will automatically appear.
Except I went into the issue what I changed PLC UDT, the tags did not update.

The v21+ AB Logix driver has a setting for whether to rebrowse the PLC automatically or not.

That will only update the OPC Browser (after it is refreshed, too).

Nothing will update your Ignition tag's OPC Item Paths, nor automatically alter your Ignition UDTs.

I would be curious if you can reproduce the behavior with rebrowse turned on, and possible also with my alternate driver.

{ My driver does not have a setting--it just rechecks once per minute. }

I am using Compact Logix for this project.

We have tags mapped into the Ignition. Bot when a tag name is hanged in the PLC, the Ignition does not refresh the change.

The driver that "sees" the change has no authority to change your Ignition tags. That's on you. Compare what you see in the OPC browser versus what is in the PLC. That's as far as Ignition will go on your behalf.

Can you explain "PLC tags mapped into the Ignition"?
You can create a device connection to Compact Logix, your tag identifier will populate PLC tags.
This is where I am confused when you said you mapped PLC tag into the Ignition.
I did run into the issue that when you change PLC UDT, Ignition OPC model does not see the changes; that is where I had to delete the device, and created it again, then Ignition re-populate it.

Also, make sure your firmware is the latest within that major series. I vaguely recall there being a firmware bug somewhere in the v30-v33 range where the PLC would not indicate to connected systems that tags had changed.

You can use tag browser to import OPC tags directly.

thanks pturmel, maybe that explains why I did not see UDT update; I have projects use V32.

I wonder if you are confusing Ignition's Tag Browser with Ignition's OPC Browser. Two different things. The former shows you what live data is available to the rest of Ignition. The latter browses your PLC drivers and direct OPC connections for any OPC items that can be subscribed, or read/written on an ad-hoc basis. Dragging from the latter to the former constructs one or more subscribed Ignition OPC tags from the OPC items in the driver.

Ignition's OPC tags subscribe to OPC items by name or address. That name or address is a snapshot at the time it was configured. Nothing will update those automatically.

I am confused because he said he mapped PLC to Ignition.
You can create Ignition UDT or create OPC tag link to PLC tags (OPC PLC tags), but Ignition OPC server maps PLC tag automatically.

If the OPC Browser does not update the PLC tags, Tag Browser cannot see it.
Ignition OPC server does not update tags, when I changed PLC UDT(added more members to the UDT). Ignition OPC has the same tag name but not update it's sub-members (new PLC UDT members)

I do not have anything connected right now.


I should say use Device Browser to import OPC tag directly into Tag Browser.

Thanks, @pturmel @Simen_Minerd .

Yes, I was referring to Tag Browser that is not updated automatically. Have to manually update.