How does the Client_ID get set in Click-to-Graph?

I’m trying to figure out how the Client_ID dynamic property of the Click To Graph Root Container gets set when the window is opened. I realize there is a function fpmi.system.getClientID(), but I’m not seeing where or how this is called to set the dynamic property. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

On a similar note, is there a script that is run whenever a window is opened (or closed)?


Well, at the danger of answering this question without actually loading up the click-to-graph goodie (I don’t have its implementation memorized), I’m guessing the onswer to both your questions is the same: the internalFrameActivated event on the window.

Thanks for the quick reply. I should have checked back sooner.

I found the internalFrameActivate event and there was the script that set the Client_ID property. The comment in the script indicates that the script was automatically generated by the “property set script builder”. I’m not sure what this is or how I access that builder. Can you point me in the right directly?


The builders are those other tabs to the left of the “Script” tab. That comment was probably just left in after an auto-generated “Set Property” script was modified by hand.