How does the gateway check its connection to the internet?

For the licensing page the gate way says its offline. Windows does have internet.

It did activate once about a month ago, I’m not sure what has changed that it doesn’t want to anymore.

Windows server. 8.02

The background service need access separately from the logged-in user. If your IT department uses a per-user proxy/firewall, the service might not have the same privileges as the user. You should probably ask your IT department to look for blocked access to * in their firewall logs.

There is an another gateway that does connect 7.9.10 not activated was the test/trial.
Runs on windows 10 connected same network. (Says online)

The purchased one windows server 8.02. I have turned off all firewalls for testing.
Even gave the sever its own direct connection to internet but still no joy. (Bypassing another firewall)
Doesn’t go online