How does the Ignition Integrator Program work for small companies?

I considered calling for deets on Monday, but I was looking over the Integrator changes email and webpage, and I’m totally all-in for filling in some of the gaps in my knowledge and taking the now-free certification tests. This might help others with the same questions.

My question is, who signs up? What about when there’s a division of labor; I’m primarily the UI programmer/DBA, my coworker is primarily the PLC/OPC programmer, my boss is a jack of all trades. Do each of us need individual certs, or is there a split test or split certification, or does at least one of us need to really get all facets of the platform down? How long does it last?

Also, do we get a cool badge to put on our site and advertising?

Individuals are individually certified (having one certified gets the company the integrator discount). Certification is for a specific version (7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 8.0), so you need to take an update test (just the new portions) when a new version comes out.

And to answer your last question, yes, you absolutely get a cool badge to put on your site and advertising. The Certified and Gold Certified are different badges, so you can upgrade your badge as you increase your certification level.

Thanks! We’ll get together this week and work out how we want to start certifying then. More badges = more business, right? :slight_smile: