How does the Username/Pwd in Ignition.conf get used when mapping a network drive

Last year we set up a network drive map to access a network folder for automatic backup storage. I followed these instructions:

It has been working up until recently (the issues started arising after a windows update KB5003197).

I don’t really believe it’s on the Ignition end, but I’d like to get a better understanding how the java wrapper uses these credentials to access a folder.

Does anyone know how it works?

I don’t have a lot of experience with drive mapping using our Java Service Wrapper, so I’ll welcome other folks to join in with their feedback. I did want to at least mention this link that might have some more information about the various properties used to configure it:

Ok I’m seeing here that if the service is running as the LOCAL SYSTEM user, the account and password will be ignored?

But what other user should I be using?

I think a typical best practice would be to create a dedicated AD service account to run the gateway. Once you’ve got the gateway running under that user, you can configure the target share to allow that same user access (and then omit the account and password portions of wrapper.share.*) or specify an alternate AD user for the wrapper share configuration.

You could also probably configure Ignition to run as NETWORK SERVICE, in which case you’d want to configure the Computer account that Ignition is running on with permissions on the target share.

When working with Ignition service to set up the network sharing I was told we could do EITHER running the service with a service account (which we couldn’t get working), OR using the wrapper.share stuff.

So as it stands, I’m unable to get the service running with an AD service account.

If I use the service account we have for folder access,
after I restart the Ignition service, I get this:

even though the gateway says it’s running:

Also can’t seem to start the service as a Network Service.


I have a support ticket logged for this. But I didn’t know if there were any obvious fixes.

File permissions of the Ignition install location would be one of the first things to check when changing the Run-As user for the Gateway.

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