How filter alarm by Associated Data in Perspective Alarm status table

Like the Vision alarm status table, I’d like to filter my displaying alarm by using Associated Data. This is really wanted feature if you want to upgrade the old vision project to perspective.

Now in the perspective alarm status table, we have a filter property that doesn’t have an option for Associated Data.

Is there any workaround for this right now?
If not is there any plan to add this feature?

Are you sure? The filterAlarm function gets a standard alarm event; it should have access to the associated data just like Vision does.

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Oh sorry I didn't see that before, I always check configure events section for specific component event.

with the perspective alarm status component, with filter property Diagnostic set to False,
I still receive in the filterAlarm function the alarms with the Diagnostic priotity.

It seems that the priority “filter” condition is applied after the filterAlarm function.

I think that perhaps for better performance, it will be better to apply the filterAlarm function (which read associated data) after all component filters (priority, source, etc)

In my use case, I have better performance adding a test on priority inside filterAlarm before checking associated data.

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Hmm, the code for both the status table and journal queries for the alarms first, then applies the filtering from the extension function. There might just be a different issue with the priority filtering in general; can you get in contact with support?

Thanks, I will check again and post a ticket if necessary.