How i can make changes in RUN mode

I am using control logix controller with ignition there is one client requirement that from remote side the client will deploy the script in ignition and wants the status change according to that.
PLease if anyone can suggest me for my above issue it will be great

Md Ghaziuddin
Software Engineer

All clients can have scripts run on them, Ignition uses an Event Handler system to trigger scripting events.

Or are you talking about a user typing a script into a text screen in Ignition and having the Gateway execute it?

Or are you talking about putting the PLC itself in RUN mode?

There is client running on PC with out going into development screen i want to change the staus of any object for example change the color of the object.

Mohammed Ghaziuddin

You can bind any property (including color) of a component to another property, a SQL query, or a SQLTag. You can get more info about property bindings in the manual here.