How is ctrl z supposed to work in designer?

I think I might be misunderstanding.

I was writing some queries and using ctrl+z to edit the query.

One of my queries I had copied vanished.

I think I had control z'd the pasting of the copy.

How do I make sure I am only undoing the typing of text in my query?
And not unpasting copied queries?
I know it must be simple, but it has burned my time on occasion.
It only happens when I am trying to do a complex query, flipping through tabs to try to figure out how to do the query.

This is basically just a bug.

The script editing component is likely applying the text from the query as one operation as soon as you select the tab (and not doing the right things in the code) - so, when you 'undo' from that initial state, the component treats that as you "undo"ing the entire insert of the query.

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What version are you using? This should be fixed in 8.1.10.

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Thank you for helping to clarify for me, and checking version info.

I have been backing up my queries having notepad++ copies of them open when working on them.

Can you get a video or exact sequence of steps of what you're doing that ends up with the query being completely removed? This shouldn't be possible anymore.

I sometimes see people post really handy videos on here.
Is there a handy microsoft capture to make those efficiently like the screen capture tool?

I copy paste some queries.
I work on the query.
I click on another window on my other monitor, usually chrome.
I go back to the designer.
I press control z.
I don't think it happens all the time.
I did get a new mouse pad, and it has a wrinkle on one side.
I think I clicked directly on the project browser window.
It may be working as intended.

I think most use snagit for the video feature (and some good screen grab features), you can get a free trial..

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Thanks, you press the finish, it saves to their site, and is stored there.
That seems easy.

Is there a completely free version, and is there one from Microsoft?

Oh I found it, but it looks windows 11 has it.

ShareX is FOSS and works on Windows 10 & 11.

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I wasn't sure of the difference in sharex and screenrec.
You use sharex personally?

I don't daily drive Windows anymore, but I used ShareX happily for the years that I did.


be aware that by default ShareX automatically uploads all screen snips you take and you'll need to go in and opt-out of that "feature"

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I was making a named query in version 8.1.19
I copied and pasted a copy of an existing query to my folder of queries, the main default folder.

I edited the query multiple times:
calculate hours from seconds
switched to calculate minutes
added a cast to int

Then, I went to try to edit the round.
I removed round( and then removed ,2)
I pressed testing, pressed execute, already had my parameters entered from pervious testing before.
I did not like the results of the query test.
I pressed Authoring to return the rounding to my query.

I do not know if I clicked in the query window of authoring, but I thought I had.
then Ctrl+Z and my query vanished.

The paste of the query to the folder was undone instead of removing my last change in the query.

I tested again.
If I test a query, when I click back to Authoring, unless I click inside the editing window, my previous paste of the query will be undone.
If I click inside the authoring window, then the text editing will be undone.
Wish it were only the last thing changed, instead of context oriented, but that is me.
Maybe it is better with context for other people.

ScreenToGif works well on Windows and is free.

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I plan to wait for the windows snip tool upgrade in Q3, unless it ends up only being Win11 that gets it.
I did get permission to purchase the Snagit license, but I thought maybe I would just waste time editing gifs haha.

ScreenToGif is fishy to me.
They are linked to a which is associated with some cyber fishing attacks it looks like.
I can be cyber paranoid sometimes though.

Fastone Capture has been my latest weapon of choice.

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ctrl Z got me bad today.

I had a union of unions of group sub query pivots.....deleted the whole thing....

If you right click on the script console, there is an option to redo.

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Will that undo the control z removing a query I was working on?

I am getting this horrible event where I had just lost a query again.

I had it on a notepad as a backup, because it keeps happeneing.
However, when I made the query again, this querey doesn't utilize the index anymore.

Now the query is taking 50 seconds for what I was just moments ago doing in 6 seconds.
I am getting half a million rows.

My index is on t_stamp, line, and code.
Those are my first 3 selects.
Then I calculate a lead(t_stamp) using some cases.
The index was working, and suddenly the index isn't being used.

It's frustrating. Not sure how to make the index work again.
If I try to just get all the rows from the base table, only takes 21 seconds, 2.5 million rows.

Edit: Seems to randomly use or not use the index.
Just got half a million in under 3 seconds.
I don't get it. I changed nothing except I capitalized one 't_stamp' to 'T_stamp'.
Not sure if that mattered, but when I reverted to the lowercase the fetch time didn't go back up.