How is used in pipelines?

I’m confused. In my test environment I set up email with a gmail account and The emails are sent by that email account as seen in the emails that are received. I recently got set up with an account on my local 365 server and now the email comes as sent by I tried changing it in the pipeline configuration but all that does is keep the email from being delivered.

It’s the default value for the “From Address” on a Notification Block using an Email Notification Profile.

I know that. But that does not explain how I get emails sent from that address when it is not a valid email address and why when I change it to a valid one, the email never arrives. It was there with my gmail smtp and it was never the sender of the email. Now that I change mail relays it shows up.

I don’t know why it works with one server and not the other. It’s up to the server to do something with and allow or disallow it. Ignition just sets whatever you have configured here as the “From:” header in the SMTP exchange.

So the user name in the SMTP profile is not the email sender (ie from address)? That is what I assumed based on what I observed using as a mail relay. Because was in all those as well.

That may have been the behavior with Gmail, but the From address and the actual username you use to authenticate could be entirely different. I’m surprised ever worked with any of them. Usually you have to change it to match the outgoing email address for the account you use to authenticate.