How many concurrent clients can a gateway handle?

Hello all,

if there are multiple projects (vary in size and complexity) on the same gateway, how many concurrent clients can the gateway handle? whether accessing the same project or different projects.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This can’t be answered definitely without knowing the details of the projects and the hardware specs of your gateway, but it’s not uncommon for customers to have hundreds of clients running at once.

If you really want to dive into this you might consider talking to one of our sales engineers.

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My gateway hardware has 12gb of RAM. Ignition and my database are on the same machine. Ignition has 2335 tags, 72.5 queries/sec total throughput, and runs 80 - 90 clients concurrently. The gateway runs at 4%-10% CPU, and 500mb - 1gb of RAM. Handles it easily. Eventually, I will consider moving the database to its own machine or VM, but isn’t needed right now.


We have 60-70 client connected to our gateway. The gateway have 10 project running, 30 000 tags, 15 db connections and 8 opc connections. The gateway is installer on a vmWare server with 8gb memmory and 30gb ssd. We have scaled out the system with 3 external tag providers, 1 mqtt broker and we are about to set up redundanse gateway.

One of the external tag provider is connected to ~300 plc and has 300 000 tags configured.

The client and server is running with low cpu and memmory use. The only thing we do not like, but I think this is resolved in later verison(we are on 8.0.5), is that when opening a window it taks some secounds 2-3 sec, before the components shows a value. While wating for the value to be update the component is grey.

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In my past life, I run a a gateway with more than 330 clients. It really depend of your projects and how they are build.

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