How not display lines containing zeros in a Power table (dataset)

Hello I have a powertable that is connected to a dataset tag. The table shows all the data in the dataset, however I want the lines where zero appears to not appear. Besides this, I want the cells of a column to change when the value of another column is higher than the maximum limit. Could you give me a hint? Thank you

Some hints:

Thanks for you answer but still doesn’t work.
Here is my script:

if colName == 'T2T':
	if (,25)) < (,26)):
					return {'background': '250,2,191'}

the problem is that I can’t change the color of a single cell, the whole column changes color.
How I change the color of a single cell based on a result. Thanks.

It’s because you’re always comparing the same values:,25) always gets a value from row 0 and column 25.

You need to use the rowIndex argument to get the value of the current row:, 25)

Thanks for you answer.