How safe is instant messaging - in Ignition?

i just want to know safety of instant messaging in current market, can we build our own instant chat apps

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Of course you can - but what has this got to do with Ignition and what has safety got to do with "current market"?

Setting up (really, maintaining) a seriously secure messaging app in Ignition sounds like a nightmare of potential oversights. Any reason why you can't use a stand-alone app?

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How so? appart from authentication and a database, which igntion is pretty good at, there isnt really much else to a messaging app.
(if you dont have to censor stuff )

Account creation also isnt to hard, psw recovery is an other story though

i see some stuff on the Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation that could give you an idea

I was thinking more along the lines of encrypted chat (OP asked about safety which I interpreted as security). Probably simple enough to do with third-party libraries and a custom module but it's still one more thing to maintain when you can just use Telegram and be done with it.

Hi Vinay,

Yes, definitely you can build your instant messaging app, with developers support or API integration!! even Ignition also providing support think so.

generally there are many providers in market offering safe & secure messaging service. you can check the list here