How the button event binding to tags in Perspective

Hi all,
I am new in Ignition Perspective, I created a button in View page to control a motor start/Stop, I want to binding its event to the tag of PLC start/stop, but it’s not available, I did it in Vision no problem,
meanwhile I also want to change Motor symbol color in view page, it doesn’t have Shape\Union option as usually did it from vision,
Please advise, thanks!

Could you show me what you did in Vision? I'm pretty good at converting functionality form Vision in Perspective, but it really helps if I can see the original setup.

Perspective Symbols/Icons are not like symbols in Vision, so you have to re-think how you would perform appearance changes.
For the Motor Symbol, if you do not want the preset "states" to define the color, then you have two options:

  1. modify the property with a binding. You can do the same to Note, however, that this will not have an effect on some of the internal pieces of the symbol. Stroke and Fill are used to define two colors within an svg which uses more than two colors to properly draw itself.
  2. If you ALWAYS want a state to display with certain colors across ALL projects on the Gateway, you could modify the theme file which defines the motor symbol (themes/light/palette/symbols.css) which is a bit more complicated, and is considered an "advanced" Perspective practice - one which is only recommended when you have an understanding of CSS principles.

I daresay the OP isn't talking about the new motor smart symbol released in 8.1 but is rather talking about the old vision method that some people used where they grabbed the symbol factory symbol, unioned it together to flatten it, then coloured it with a transparent colour to overlay onto the shaded version

You should note that modifying this will be temporary, as if the gateway is ever upgraded, any changes will be lost. I have tried myself to override this in a custom theme, but it didn't want to override. Do you know how to override it?

Hi cmallonee,
Thanks for your advice, actually I do not convert from Vision to Perspective, I only want to implement the simplest function of pushbutton, to start/stop a motor, as other SCADA software to create pushbutton to set and reset a PLC tag, try to use Perspective button\configure Events\Mouse Event\onClick+ there are “Accelerometer, Login, Logout, Navigation…etc” no one binding to Tag

Use “Script”, then simply:

tagPath = 'path/to/tag'
value = 12
system.tag.writeAsync([tagPath], [value])