How the EAM modules work?


My client was asking me is Ignition capable of transferring data between two station which is 30KM++ away? Let say they in different location and having different network. I come across the module EAM and try to dig in about it. From what the official website say - The EAM provides a secure and intuitive way to manage many Ignition installations from one location. It is ideal for large enterprises that deploy multiple Gateways across vast geographical distance ( I scan through the Module Data Sheet, it seem like the EAM modules acts like the Centre of all the gateway. Does this mean all the development can only be done in Centre? All the agents gateway can only monitor and report back to the Centre? Anyone work with the EAM module before? Mind to enlighten me about it?

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I haven’t used the EAM module before, but this should help

You can do development on any gateway.
When you copy a project with EAM, you select the target gateway(s) and the source gateway.
Any project can be copied from any gateway to any/all other gateways

Thanks mate. 8.1 really lots of update. Seems like I need to go over the video again in case I miss anything. Thanks for your helps

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You really are looking at a Gateway Network.

You can do a lot with this powerful feature and do not need EAM.

Set up the local machine with tags and tag providers. Link the two networks and then you can have the Vision or Perspective Module run out of a totally different instance.

Take a look at the Scale out Architecture:

I love ignition since I only have to license what I need on each server. It is really inexpensive to have a tag provider machine.

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I see. LOL look like I run into another thing. Thanks for guiding me back to the correct path. Thanks man. Hope you have a nice day =)

Let me have a look into what you say. Thanks for the helps =)