How things work - ignition and TCP printer

Hi All.
If i would like to trigger label printing from TCP printer by pressing a button on ignition Vision client what would like have to consider to get it set up? Any gateway settings, anything other thoughts please? Sorry its a bit broad question.

Tag your question as Vision or Perspective. It will matter.

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i edited my question as Vision related

That’s fine but some of the experts will be watching by tag and may miss your question. That’s why I suggested the tag.

good point - i just added Vision tag

Depends on how you generate your label. ZPL, perhaps?

A Vision client can open a socket, send the bytes of ZPL, and close the socket in one go. Since it is likely to execute in less than a tenth of a second, I would just call the function that does it in the button’s actionPerformed event.

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Thanks for your reply Phil.
yes it is ZPL indeed and in the project the existing code does have socket transmission code which i can simulate on chrome ZPL simulator (using local address) to see what label will look like.

I am wondering what might go wrong :slight_smile: or what i need to consider when this label print command go to the TCP printer ?

When driven by a button, I just tolerate any error dialogs that result from comms problems.


If there is any chance of non-ASCII content, I would use the classes, not python’s socket module.

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Good point regarding java classes. Thank you

Sidebar, I wonder if a context manager would be used often enough to be worth inclusion. Might just cause more confusion in Perspective…

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Nah, already maxed out. :laughing:

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Opening and closing a socket isn’t the hard part about what most people are trying to do with sockets.

The hard part is it’s not easy to set up a long running / background task or anything that needs a more complicated lifecycle than when projects restart.

You need a PhD in Ignition’s obscure scripting implementation details to maybe not screw it up and have a memory leak.


More seriously, and friends are not that difficult to use, and anyone trying to use advice from StackOverflow and such will want them as-is. I wouldn’t bother.

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I probably should encapsulate some of my techniques in my LifeCycle module to make this easier.