How things work - ignition gateway in the azure environment

hi All
I might be involved in ignition project with the gateway in the cloud environment (azure).
I am trying to figure out what i need to understand about this environment which is obviously different to the local / on site installation.

1 will ignition gateway be capable of connection to the azure mssql server ? as far as i know ignition needs jdbc type of driver for the database connection but azure mssql might need something else? Any thoughts on that?
2 Anything else of critical importance to consider as i don’t know what i don’t know :slight_smile:

Regards and thanks for great help every time

Your PLCs won’t be local, so hopefully you aren’t planning on making device connections, or if you are then you aren’t planning on anything but slow polling rates.


fully agree we cannot expect high polling rates from the plcs in the cloud setup. its initial stages so not sure about connection to devices

Looking at the Microsoft docs, you should be able to use the standard JDBC connection.

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