How things work- redundancy of gateway without global project

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I try to verify and understand something that i was told regarding gateway redundancy.
I was told that if the gateway has for example 5 projects but there is no master global project which contains the settings which are inherited by other project then redundancy will not work . Can anybody please comment if this is true and why would it not work so i can understand it deeper?


That is absolutely not true.

Redundancy works between two gateways. They will automatically synchronize state from ‘master’ to ‘backup’, including all tags, projects, device connections, etc. There’s no “master global project” - there was a “global” project in 7.9 that was special from the perspective of the project system, but it had no bearing on redundancy at all.

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@PGriffith thanks Paul i am glad i have asked.

Some reference material:

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