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hi all
I have a screen which is swapped to the second screen but the first screen does not seem to be destroyed because when navigating back it seems like everything is exactly as it was left. I have concerns however that this might be working by lack rather than good design as the screen is still cashed but might be destroyed without a notice when different screen is open or by whatever other reason the java engine decides.
I don’t want to keep a multitude of screens open as it is messy and not necessary in my scenario.
Question: Please correct if my understanding is correct and the safe approach is to reset the screen to the initial state in the sequence rather that assume it will still pick up where it left of and i should never assume this will happen 100% of cases.
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  1. How are you switching windows?
    Swapping vs opening

  2. What is the cache setting on the window itself?


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Hi Jordan
i will check tomorrow and confirm as the project is not mine.
Many thanks for practical steps and advise!

@JordanCClark sorry for late feedback - i said 1 day but it was 1 month :slight_smile:

  • In the project screen navigation is done by using tab strip and swap to window mode.
  • Cache policy is set to auto.
    There are not so many screens in total but i noticed some weirdness: some screens are not reset by default when open and sometimes when navigating back to that screen after an hour or two i think there is some garbage data.

I guess i have to either reset the screen by script every time I open it or set the cash policy on every screen and popups to the option “Always”?
Thanks for any advice

I would try setting the cache policy to None.

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