How things work - transaction manager vs ANSI SQL

Just wondering if transaction manager in Ignition uses and supports only ANSI SQL?
Obviously having various SQL spin-offs like t-sql, oracle, mysql, maria makes me a little confused about what is really ansi and what ignition actually supports. Any specific or general thoughts are more than welcome.

Ignition (mostly) just passes SQL to the JDBC driver for your database. It doesn’t care about ANSI at all. However, note that JDBC is defined to execute just standard SQL statements, not scripts. Some JDBC drivers supports scripts, others not. The biggest gotcha is that Ignition’s argument replacement for named queries doesn’t understand SQL comments.

Putting your DB in ANSI mode reduces the differences between the various DB brands, and is a good practice for developers who might encounter multiple types.

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again many thanks for shedding some light on that matter :slight_smile:

Any idea which flavour of 4 different jdbc drivers is used in ignition for mysql? or maybe the type vary between various dbs?

Yup, Ignition doesn’t care.

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