How to Access network drive folder in perspective

I have an image mounted on network drive “L”.
using webDev module I am trying to access that folder, Throught system.file.fileExists I am checking Is that folder is exist or not but it is not working.
How we can access the network folder in perspective?
I am trying in script console Like this,

and below is the webdev module mounted path of network drive,

Please help me with this.

Hi guys,
Anyone have any idea about this?
I have tried with server name instead of “L:”, Still it is not working.
I can easily access C drive folder only problem with network drive.
What’s wrong here?

How about a httpClient request instead

How we can do this using httpClient, I dont have any idea, Can you please guide?

Maybe this may help meanwhile - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (
or if you a java fan html - how to download image from any web page in java - Stack Overflow

The idea would be to download the image and store locally. I will return tomorrow.

Back up to what you are trying to do… Are you trying to access a file in a client (httpClient) or serve the files to external clients (WebDev)?

I want to access image from network drive ‘L:’
I have web dev module through that I am trying to access.
Usually If we want to access files from server we use webdev module right?

The context of WebDev is completely on the gateway. It only has access to resources and drives that your gateway does. You would not do the mapping locally on your PC. If you want to access a mapped drive or a UNC path, you need to be running the Ignition service on your gateway under a specific account and grant that account permissions to the resources it is trying to access.

I have access to network drive.

It seems like a bug to me.
In my testing I was able to read the remote file resource. But it is not working for remote mounted folders.

I have done something similar to this, though I would caution that I was told the method I used is not officially supported by Inductive Automation and there’s no guarantee that this would work in future versions of the software.

You can reference directories and files contained within the /webserver/webapps/main directory of your Ignition install directly from a web browser by simply appending the file name to the address of your Ignition gateway. For example, if you placed an mp3 file named ‘test_sound’, you would be able to hear the mp3 by pasting ‘localhost:8088/test_sound.mp3’ into a web browser on the machine where your Ignition gateway is installed. In order to map files from a network drive here, I would suggest creating a symbolic link to the directory in the network drive in that location. That way, since this is an unsupported “feature” of Ignition, if the /webserver/webapps directory were ever to be overwritten (say, during the installation of a new version of Ignition) your actual data in the network drive would remain untouched and you would simply need to re-establish the symbolic link to the network directory in order to restore access to those files from within SCADA.

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Was any solution every found for this? @Anita.Shinde

Not Really. We have used another file path instead of network folder path.