How to access OPC XML-DA server in Ignition SCADA software?


It is my first time to develop a SCADA software. There is an OPC XML-DA server in the project.

I found a Web Service module, which is provided by Sepasoft, a partner of Ignition.

Could you please let me know if it works or not?

I really appreciate it if you like to recommend other OPC servers which work well in your experience.


No, XML-DA is a specific (old) OPC protocol, not some generic web-related thing.

Ignition doesn’t support OPC XML-DA, so you’ll need either some kind of “tunneler” product that can convert it to OPC Classic (DA) or OPC UA or a different server altogether.

When we don’t have a particular driver Kepware is a recommended alternative OPC UA server.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much!

Do you have any suggestions if I try to build such an OPC-UA driver module based on those APIs you provide?


Well... I generally wouldn't recommend it unless you have no alternative (and a lot of programming experience).

Thanks Kevin for your prompt feedback! We will evaluate these options and then make a decision.

Hi Kevin,

I found Kepware OPC server only works for Windows, but we need one for Linux. Do you have any suggestions about it?


I’m not aware of any other OPC servers that work on Linux.

OPC-DA uses the Windows Active Domains for security. So it’s hard to find something for this on Linux. Even ignoring that XML part.

I find it a source of great irony that the infrastructure part of a project, the bit you want to be most reliable, depends on Windows instead of Linux…


That's the number one reason I wrote an Ignition driver. Ignition is the only real player in non-Windows OPC/UA that actually has drivers.

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